Change : An Opportunity to Make a Difference

Jennifer Loehding

7/10/20213 min read

Change neon light signage
Change neon light signage

Change is difficult. Wouldn't you agree? Sometimes, you are blindsided by an unexpected event, and what do you do? The car breaks down on the way to a dentist appointment, you lose your job right smack dab in the middle of planning a wedding for your daughter or your child gets sick, and you have to miss a day of work. These events indeed weren't in the plan for the month, much less the week or the day. Perhaps it's a more subtle change in that you instigated it, like leaving your corporate job to start a business. Whatever the event requiring change is, you will have to alter some part of your life to accommodate it, and one of two choices is required: evolve or attempt to remain the same.

I recently partnered with a firm that does executive-level coaching for medium to large-size companies. Although I have been a business owner for 21-plus years, I learned a few valuable lessons. One is that I value autonomy, and the other is that I know the importance of collaboration. The idea behind partnering up with this firm is that I am able to expand my reach, work more in leadership, and have an opportunity to grow with an established group of people who share a similar vision as mine.

But with all new things come new challenges. I have to take on the task of working with others. I have to navigate how I have been conducting business differently, including the conscientious effort of communicating more openly about my likes and dislikes. I have to be responsible for my actions and how they may affect other business partners. As much as I welcome the opportunity, I will not lie; these considerations were important in my decision process. Why? Because they frighten me a bit. However, I also recognize that this partnership also comes with enormous opportunities, and that excites me.

For the past couple of years, people have come into my life and presented their businesses. For one reason or another, they were not quite a fit for me. Their mission didn't align with mine. What they were doing didn't quite fit with my message. But I stayed committed to the process, believing that if I didn't give up and continued to put myself on the path of opportunity, eventually, it would knock. So here we are.....

What change are you going through right now? No matter what it is, there is an opportunity to grow. Perhaps it's an opportunity to make a difference. In life, change presents itself on a continuum. In those moments, we decide to either cling on to remaining the same or evolve. I could easily stay where I am, but I also know that I must change something to grow. I have to let go of something to have something new. It's not easy, but it's necessary.

Often, we get hung up on the letting go. It's a safe spot if we stay in our present situation. We don't have to fear anything because we already know what's going to happen. If we change something, we have no control. What could happen if we do that one thing differently? I don't know about you, but change scares me sometimes, and when I hit these crossroads, a few things I do are:

Evaluate the situation.

We don't have a lot of time to evaluate in an emergency because we have to move quickly. However, this might be a great time to consider whether the circumstance is a real emergency and then proceed accordingly.

Write a pros and cons list.

Nothing works better for me than considering what's the worst-case scenario and what the potential is. If I see massive potential in this, then it might be a great time to consider evolving.

Consider who this is impacting.

Is the change going to harm others or benefit others?

Work through limiting beliefs.

Many times, we get hung on a belief system that is keeping us trapped in one spot. For instance, if we have a limiting belief about money, we may be scared to invest when the need arises in our business.

Whether the change results from a decision or a circumstance out of our control, change is inevitable. There is always a growth opportunity present during a transition, even if we do not recognize it immediately. Our job is to allow it to transform us. Why? Because it may be an opportunity to make a difference. I am excited about my change, even if the unknown scares me. I will evolve just as you will when presented with change. We always do. Just consider, as the saying goes, this too shall pass.